translated from Spanish: Morelia has only 780 policemen, needs 1220 more to reach the ideal number

Morelia, Michoacán.-according to the rate marked by the United Nations security issues provided to citizens, is on average 1.8 police for every thousand inhabitants the number recommended to ensure social welfare.
The aforementioned of the municipal president of Morelia, Raúl Morón Orozco, who recognized that in the capital Michoacan requires a quantity of 2000 elements, however, currently counts only with 780, ie 1220 fewer police to reach the number Ideal.
After the inauguration of works in the tenure of Chiquimitío, the mayor said in an interview that the city Council is working on the promotion to add 50 municipal police officers to the ranks of the police station, which added an amount of 830.
While with the arrival of 600 elements of the National Guard to Morelia in July and those that add the government of Michoacán-around 300-, will be close to the rate recommended by the UN.
«If this is given we will have greater capacity of strength and obviously a greater capacity to cover the municipality.»
He said that the security that Morelia seeks to offer its citizens is a police of closeness and friendly, but that is efficient to fight crime.
Finally, he admitted that the crime rates that have not decreased in the city is related to the theft of vehicles, so it is suggested that the municipal authorities of the capital meet with the 21 neighboring municipalities to create a strategy around that crime .

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