translated from Spanish: Must continue with unviable pregnancy: Court of appeals fails in favor of HOSCAR despite denying abortion in three causal

The Court of Appeals of Santiago dismissed the resource of protection against the Hospital of Carabineros that int Erpuso Corporation Thousands on behalf of Candy Jamett, who denied «illegally and arbitrarily access to legal interruption of pregnancy protected by law since 2017».
«She had four medical reports, made by specialists as required by the regulations, which anticipated the disastrous prognosis of her pregnancy-her fetus has a heart disease that is inoperable to also have trisomy 21-, but that was not enough for the HOSCAR Comply with the law, «they pointed out from Corporación Miles. However, since the Court of Appeals argued that the diagnoses of physicians were not causal to invoke law 21,030, because, «the condition of the fetus is not lethal or incompatible with extrauterine life», so that the HOSCAR would have adequately adjusted to The current regulations.
However, since thousands indicated that the hospital has incorporated new antecedents to its report «long after denying the causal one, violating any type of medical ethics». 
«The Carabineros Hospital delivered these reports out of time, after denying him the right to the law IVE, without even checking out Candy Jamett. In other words, no new technologies or physical examinations were performed. But unfortunately for the Court of Appeals to incorporate a date examination after the denial of the causal, it is totally plausible, «they said.
In the face of the Court of Appeals ‘ determination, Candy Jamett said: «It shows the little empathy and the lack of tidiness of justice to see the evidence that is exhibited. I will continue to escalate at the level of authorities to listen to my case, see the evidence presented and analyzed accordingly. I want justice and women to stop seeing us as ignorant breeding. »
«Once again, justice ruled against women coartándoles access to a law entrusted to it. This opinion of the Court of Appeals of Santiago is a bad sign for women that tomorrow can see hindered their access to the law IVE and want to seek reparation in justice, «they claimed from Corporación Miles.

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