translated from Spanish: Public service blames previous governments for cuts

The secretariat of the Public Service (SFP) said that the restructuring of the Government, termination of personnel contracts for fees, as well as other deficiencies that are being denounced, are due to the schemes with which the previous administrations worked .
In a press conference, the undersecretary of administrative responsibilities and hirings, Tania de la Paz Perez Farca, and the head of the Human Resources Policy Unit of the Federal public administration, Francisco Javier Varela, assured that there is no Dismissals as such in any part of the Government and that cuts do not affect the basic operation of services such as education and health.
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In this last branch, they were questioned the termination of eventual contracts of medical personnel that had been working for years, before which they recognized that the items for fees were reduced 50%, but that formally that is not a dismissal.
«In previous administrations, labor schemes were generated that did not fully recognize the rights and employment relationship with the federal Public Administration. It is something that we are not repeating, precisely, and indeed it is a transition, it is a change of government, «Varela said.
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«The health sector has had a systemic problem of lack of resources for decades. What we are trying to clarify here is that this problem does not originate from the measures of Republican austerity. The Government of the fourth transformation is well aware that comprehensive care is required in the health sector and that is why the President has instructed the creation of the National Health Institute for Welfare, as well as for a review Important to the way the health sector operates. In that sense, what is happening is that there is confusion between what was a systemic problem and austerity measures, which are not aimed at affecting physicians, nurses and teachers, but only for operational spending. »
The official added that there have been misinterpretations in both the public opinion and the same dependencies on what the austerity law implies and the austerity memorandum sent by the President on 3 May.
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«The SFP has the function of monitoring implementation, and what we have seen is that there may be problems in implementation; We have received trades in which it is said that there will be no water in the facilities… That does not say the memorandum, that is not in the law and those games were not cut. Then it is true that some officials are using the memorandum to blame for other shortcomings they already had. There are gaps everywhere. So that is what we are trying to clarify, that we cannot blame the memorandum and the provisions that emanate from systemic problems that already existed and are being addressed, «he said.
Varela explained that the entire federal public administration has 1.3 million of structure posts, and measures such as wage reductions or benefits are directed only to positions of command and liaison, which are 113,000, that is to say, only 8.6%. However, they do not know the number or percentage of extra workers there were for eventual fees and contracts.
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On June 30th, announced, it will end the process of internal restructuring that the dependencies have to make to know the number of vacancies that have vacants-because they determined that they did not need-they are returned to the Hacienda. He set an example that the SFP itself has 1565 places of command and link, of which only 67% are occupied, so they will return 200. And that they had seven eventual workers, who did not renew the contract.
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