translated from Spanish: Quintero-Puchuncaví: Parliamentarians will install Commission to enforce the Supreme ruling

Next Monday the health and Environment commissions of The house and the Senate will constitute a legislative body that will ensure compliance with the resolution of the Supreme Court, after hosting a protection resource presented in favor of the inhabitants of the Quintero-Puchuncaví sacrificial zone, as reported, this Thursday, Senator Guido Girardi.
The President of the Committee on the Environment of the Senate, congratulated the Supreme Court «to restore the rule of law» in the area of slaughter Quintero-Puchuncaví and said next Monday the health and Environment commissions of the House and the Senate , «We will be a legislative body that makes it enforceable for the state to comply with the resolution of the highest court.» Parliamentarian PPD congratulated the Supreme Court «for the ruling that restores the rule of law.» «To repair the serious omissions that the state of Chile has had with this zone of slaughter, and clarifies the responsibility of the companies in the problems of health, environmental damage and destruction of ecosystems», he said.
Girardi said that the ruling «establishes that State institutions such as the Ministries of Health, Environment and Internal Affairs (ONEMI) have committed serious negligence, incompetence, inobservance and are responsible for the crisis.»
«Firefighting actions cannot be followed, which extinguish fires, but do not deactivate what provokes them and transform those inhabitants into guinea pigs by violating their health and that of future generations,» he added.
For the legislator, «State institutions must ensure health and public interest by ceasing to be held hostage to the interests of companies like Codelco and the ministers of finance and economy of all governments.»
«We will meet with the presidents of the Committee on the Environment of the chamber, Félix González, and the health committees of the Senate, Rabindranath Quinteros, and the chamber, Ricardo Celis, so that the four committees, we constitute a legislative instance that Make it enforceable for the State to fulfil its mission, «he said.
«We do not want citizenship and social organizations to walk in a ‘ buy eggs ‘, but have this instance to demand that the State institutions-health, environment and Onemi-do not circumvent their responsibility and hit the problem forward if you go to Bottom of the crisis, «he said.
Girardi said that «we will not continue to accept what we believe is remarkable abandonment of duties, we currently process a law that creates environmental crime and to be in force I assure you that there would be managers, executives and officials inmates.»
Consulted by the criticisms that the ruling would be «an intrusion» of the judiciary in the work of the executive branch, the parliamentarian PPD said that «when a state abdicates its duties, capitulates against economic interests, does not diagnose and The necessary norms and do not pursue the responsibilities on the obvious damage to the health of the people and the environment, the resolution of the Supreme is an act of institutional responsibility but and of reparation for violation of the human rights «.

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