translated from Spanish: Scrambled River in RN: Chahuán holds that the presidential aspiration of Allamand generates «a false lame duck syndrome»

No one was indifferent to the declared aspiration Presidenci To that of Senator Andrés Allamand and the harsh response he received from President Sebastián Piñera. But especially the episode came to generate noise in the domestic renovation internal.
In the debate came another of the presidential potentials of the store, Senator Francisco Chahuán, who asked his coalition partner «to lower the anxiety», as their action can «provoke friction» within the party, taking into account the same president of The Republic, Sebastián Piñera, described this fact as «inopportune.» Senator Chahuán, in conversation with the counter, said that «Allamand lacks respect for the government of President Piñera, lacks respect for Chile Vamos, lacks respect for the spirit of coalition» with its declared presidential aspiration.
The parliamentarian argued that «personal adventures must be done at the time,» adding that «those who believe in collective projects, we know that the moments to launch presidential careers are not now.»
«Now we have to exhaust all our energies, all our efforts to finally make it go well for President Piñera, who manages to keep his word in mind and to fulfill his program of government,» he stressed.
The member of the upper house, highlighted that Chile has traveled from Arica to Cape Horn «with a different purpose», which is based on that «the program of government of Sebastián Piñera is fulfilled in each of the regions of the country, putting the focus on the next election m Unicipal and regional governors. »
«One of my ambitions is to give the forceful battle to avoid the increase in representation of the broad front in my region and in the rest of the country. We are going to recover important and for that we are working in a sustained way, «he added.
With regard to a possible presidential candidacy on his part, Chahuán said that «President Piñera knows that one is available for when the time is right.»
The legislator asserted that the action of Allamand «can generate very complex frictions from the point of view of hastening the march of the projects that are in the Congress» and generates «a false syndrome of lame duck», referring to the sayings of the former mayor of Puente Alto , Manuel José Ossandón
«We must not forget that we are a government of relative majority and in that sense it is necessary to be clear in terms that here it is necessary to continue advancing in a sustained way so that the government of President Piñera goes well,» he added.
The parliamentarian also called for «lowering anxiety and being cautious.»
«The call to Andrew (Allamand), with the affection and respect that I have, is to lower the anxiety because there are some who have become masters of acting out of time,» he concluded.
«A free and unnecessary attack»
In the midst of the complex environment that left this event, not everyone in RN thinks like Chahuán. In fact, the president of the RN, Mario Desbordes, went out in defense of Allamand, criticizing the statements of President Piñera against the position of his former minister of Defense.
«It’s a free and unnecessary attack,» he said to the third. «Andrés (Allamand) has not said that he is a candidate, said only that he is available,» he stressed.
The current helmsman of the party noted that «there have been other people also from RN, such as Manuel José Ossandón or Francisco Chahuán, who have expressed their intention to be candidates without Piñera or the government reacted in this way.»
The words of overflows brought back to the table the annoyance experienced by the representative with the Government in this second term. From RN resent that they have been postponed to the detriment of the UDI and just this Monday President Piñera received his deputies with the goal of filing rough edges.
The parliamentarian said that «there is discomfort in RN», because they do not understand the strict criticism of the executive towards his senator.
«It’s not RN that’s anticipating the presidential race. It’s not the president of RN who’s pointing out that he has a candidate. It’s not RN. Those who are constantly remarking that they have names, that have letters, are other parties, «he said.
When consulted on the possibility of submitting a complaint to President Piñera, Desbordes said that «they are permanently calling on the leaders to take care of the forms, including absolutely everyone.»
Allamand puts cold cloths
The main actor of this story, Senator Andrés Allamand, chose to put on cold cloths. «There has been no qualms. We have complete coincidence in this matter, there is no difference «he said after participating in a meeting of the Strategic Communications Committee of the currency, headed by the spokesperson of Government Cecilia Perez.
Consulted by the tone of the representative’s response, the senator commented that «under no circumstances do I feel alluded to by the words, since the president himself has pointed out that the aspirations are absolutely legitimate. In my case I have all the trajectory to the service of the center right. »
He added that «I have no qualms about the expressions the President has pointed out, he has marked that it is necessary that the campaigns do not go ahead and concentrate on the government.»

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