translated from Spanish: Sports and education to keep young people away from addictions: Eliazar Gutiérrez

Navolato, Sinaloa.-The impulse to sport and education are two priority topics for the current town hall of Navolato, said the municipal president Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo during the inauguration of the V Olympics for children’s movement. » Young people must understand that sport and education are the best way to get away from addictions, keep them healthy with a mentality of triumph, away from vices and idleness, «Mayor Navolatense announced. He explained that with the support in these two areas, will surely be counted on a childhood and youth active navolatense, and will emerge younger talented to be example, and put in high the name of Navolato. » There is no doubt, and it is confirmed that healthy mind, healthy body, but healthy bodies cannot remain statically, immobilely, and such events are of the best ways to keep students, students, youth and adolescents active so that they have the Better training that will serve them to be productive and successful people in the future, «said municipal president Eliazar Gutiérrez, while he made the commitment to support the necessary material to make the next Olympiad better. In the V Olympics for children, 154 girls and boys from the school zones 049 of Navolato, 068 of Ángel Flores, 072 of Navolato, 073 of Campo Romero, 109 of Colonia La Michoacán and the 118 of Villa Juárez participate.

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