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PDI paves company offices of Cristóbal Lira and Sebastián de Cárcer
The environment during the intrusive measure was fully tense and the officials who carried out the judicial proceedings took all the available accounting information from the company and computers from different area managers and other charges. They have given statements to the prosecutor José Morales, who are or have been linked to the company’s ownership and executives. Our main headline this Thursday.
Technology and tariff warfare: the United States and China.
With regard to protectionist measures around steel and aluminum, the universities of Berkeley, UCLA and Columbia have estimated that U.S.-imposed tariff increases have cost a year 69 billion of dollars to consumers Americans who must pay more expensive products based on steel or aluminum. The next column explains it in detail.
Southern Copper The firm that points to the copper production podium at 2026
This month Chilean state Codelco, the world’s largest copper producer, forecast that its annual production averages 1,680,000 tons in the next decade. Read the Bloomberg note.
Court of Appeals ratifies sentence against Ministry of Labour
Despite the fact that the Defense Council appealed to the annulment of the trial, on May 23, the Court of Appeals ratified the resolution of the second Court of Letters of the work of Santiago, which in November 2018, sentenced the Treasury to pay more than $36 million to the Periodist Javier Aguilar, hired in the government of Michelle Bachelet. Without editing you tell them.

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