translated from Spanish: Uber driver kills client after discussion in United States

United States.-An Uber driver killed a passenger for a cleanup fee dispute, after the customer’s friend threw up the back seat of the car.
According to the Albuquerque Journal, James Porter died of bullet hits on the New Mexico Highway, after Clayton Benedict shot «An unknown number of times.»
According to the police report, Benedict said he shot the client because he got aggressive after a dispute over a cleaning fee. Porter’s friend, Jonathan Reyes, had vomited the Uber’s back seat.
When he refused to pay the cleaning, Benedict asked the two men to leave his car, but Porter began to behave aggressively. The driver then pulled out his pistol and told the passenger to stop and Repass.
When he saw the gun, Porter told the driver that «you’re not going to shoot me» and ran to the car again. When he reached the door, he threatened that «if you’re not going to shoot me, then I’m going to run you over with your own car.»
Benedict explained that at the time it was when he shot Porter. Moments later the police arrived, who found Kings driving alongside his friend’s body.
Porter’s representatives filed a lawsuit against Uber and Benedict, claiming that the company put its customers at great risk by hiring that man, who in 2015 faced child abuse.
Uber issued a statement to the newspaper explaining that Benedict no longer has access to the app.
A friend of Porter said on Twitter that the driver has not been arrested, even though the incident happened two months ago.
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