translated from Spanish: Urtubey: «Neither MACRI nor Cristina»

Juan Manuel Urtubey made his game on the political board on a Thursday where several moved the pieces and advanced to the elections in August and the closing of June lists. While Sergio Massa received the qualification of his party to make alliances that do not weaken the opposition and faliciten the victory to Mauricio Macri, Urtubey reaffirmed that he will compete by Federal alternative. 

«Neither MACRI nor Cristina, there is an alternative in Argentina,» said in reference that drives along with Miguel Ángel Pichetto, Juan Schiaretti and, for now, Sergio Massa, who still flirts with Kirchner. Given the refusal of Roberto Lavagna to participate in internal and the possible IDA of Sergio Massa to Peronism, Federal alternative would be with the Salta and Pichetto as presidential candidates. 

The only thing that the humble of the fatherland ask of us is that we do not leave the convictions to transform Argentina into a free, fair and supportive country. — Juan Manuel Urtubey (@UrtubeyJM)
May 30, 2019

However, there are still rumors and flirtations to add to change and form part of the presidential formula with MACRI or a future government in case the president is re-elected.

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