translated from Spanish: Woman offered apologies to young man who insulted by her sexual orientation

The woman who last May 22 attacked with harsh homophobic insults to two young men in the Servicentro UPA of Vitacura, offered her «deepest apologies» to one of the affected ones and in a letter sent to the movement of integration and Liberation Homose Xual (MOVILH). In a video that recorded the incident is appreciated the woman, named Paulina, pointing to one of the young «What are you? You’re not a man, you’re not a man! Or are you a woman? Do you like to put it on?, do you like to be shoved? «among other insults. In a letter addressed to the President of Movilh, Gonzalo Velásquez, the woman said that «I wholeheartedly wish to express my deepest apologies, it was a serious mistake for me to have expressed myself that way. I did not condone with the time when the facts happened and in the condition in which I was (…) I only seek forgiveness for my offense to many people who clearly do not deserve it and that with my evil act only increases discrimination, which is not in me. » He added that «I worry about locating the person insulted by social networks; I found him and apologized. I inform them not to relieve my guilt, but because I’m not really homophobic, at all, although I think it’s hard to believe. » The woman says in the document that «I hope you can understand or understand my repentance, although nothing removes what I said, but it is really not a thousand real thought and sentiment.» «I dared to write to them that I am not a bad person, and I understand the repudiation of the people who read the declaration or saw the video and are in all their right to express themselves. I repeat that I do not intend to alleviate my guilt because it will accompany me for a good time. Waiting not to cause discomfort and waiting for your understanding, you say goodbye carefully to you, «the letter ends. The Movilh together with valuing that the woman apologized to those affected, said that «this gesture is positive, while reflecting a genuine repentance, without any other mind to seek to alleviate what happened. This kind of apology is not habitual at all, and in that sense very significant, because they can serve as an example for others and others. » «We value Paulina’s change of attitude. We believe that from experiences like these, we can all learn, «the Movilh ended.

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