translated from Spanish: China to create blacklist of «unreliable» foreign companies

The Chinese government is going to create its own blacklist of empres Foreign «unreliable», announced today the Ministry of Commerce, in full commercial and technological rivalry with the United States.
The ministry spokesman, Gao Feng, said the list would include foreign companies and people who did not meet the rules of the market or «seriously damaged the rights and legitimate interests of Chinese companies,» according to Chinese media.
«Foreign companies, organizations and individuals who do not respect market rules, who move away from the spirit of a contract, who impose embargoes or cease to supply Chinese companies for non-commercial reasons and seriously damage their interests and Legitimate rights will be placed on a list of rogue entities, «announced Gao Feng.
Apple and Nike, possible affected
The list of «unreliable entities» is similar to the so-called «List of entities» operated by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Washington recently added to the list Chinese telecom giant Huawei.
The New China list could affect US companies like Apple and Nike, which depend on China as a source of production and also for consumption.
Huawei sends workers home
On the other hand, the Financial Times reported that Huawei ordered its employees to cancel technical meetings with American contacts and has sent home many US employees working at its China headquarters.
The paper quoted Huawei chief Strategy architect Dang Wenshuan, saying that U.S. citizens working on R & D (research and development) were repatriated two weeks ago, after the Chinese group and 68 affiliates were included in A blacklist.
The Financial Times said that an ongoing workshop at the time was «dissolved hastily, and American delegates were asked to withdraw their laptops, isolate their networks, and leave Huawei’s facilities.» Similarly, the newspaper quoted Dang saying that Huawei is also limiting the interactions between its employees and U.S. citizens.

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