translated from Spanish: Condepp attentive to the public account: Demand a new fair fractionation for artisanal fishermen

This Saturday, the government of Sebastián Piñera will carry out the PR Imera public account. The new timetable of the event-begins at 20.30-has not been an impediment for various organizations to manifest themselves and be attentive as every year, outside the Congress of Valparaiso, to the messages delivered by the president.
One of the organizations that will be attentive to the public account is the National Council for the defense of the Fishing Heritage (Condepp), who demand that, among the advertisements, it is aimed at a change in the fractionation of the principal fisheries of the country, since in the Today artisanal fisheries receive 34.5% versus 65.5% of the fishing industry.
«Piñera must gamble for a fair fractionation for the artisans, because today it does not exceed 34% of the main fisheries. This must be the next step to match the court, and eliminate any illegitimate privilege of the industry, «said spokesman Hernán Machuca.
In this sense, Hernán Cortés, President of the Guild, emphasized that «this new Congress has given important signals regarding the annulment of the fishing law and the elimination in the allocation of indefinite quotas of the 7 families. However, this law is tailored to the industry, and the privileges are maintained with the fractionation, so a fair signal would be to define that the sardine is 100% artisanal. »
In this regard, he argued that this resource that maintains its natural habitat in the Artisan reserve zone (5 miles) is not entirely captured by the industry; Thus, for example, the 2017 industry had an allocated quota of sardine and anchovy of 742. 218 ton. and sold it to the artisan sector 348,116 ton. «That is to say, he caught half and sold half,» said Cortés.
The leaders indicated that these points were personally delivered to President Piñera, in a letter following his recent visa the region of the Bio Bío, where they also insisted that the ownership of fish resources be in the hands of the state of Chile and all Chileans; Fair fractionation; 5 miles of artisanal reserve for the whole country and end to perforations; and social platform, among other points.

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