translated from Spanish: Cyberday: Sernac will officiate at companies that would have manipulated prices

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The denunciations of reference prices that were «inflated» to make the discounts appear higher point to Paris, Falabella, Ripley, Homecenter, Lingo, Easy, Homy, Audiomusica and Colloky.

The National Consumer Service (SERNAC) reported that it will officiate nine companies that would have made price manipulation during the last CyberDay that took place between Monday and Wednesday of this week. This, by hundreds of claims on reference prices that are «inflated» to make the discounts seem higher. In this way, the organism will officiate to Paris, Falabella, Ripley, Homecenter, Lingo, Easy, Homy, Audiomusica and Colloky, requesting specific information of price policies and information of stock, historical prices, previous offers and publicity associated in Relation to the products that have been detected. In addition, the Sernac reported that after monitoring the behavior of companies in the CyberDay, will meet with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS), in order to ask the Union entity that companies participating in this type of events They improve a series of standards that in the opinion of the service, are still deficient. Among the requests that the SERNAC will make to the trade union entity, it will be that the participating companies transparent the history of prices of the products so that the consumers evaluate the real advantages of the promotions and offers. Regarding claims, during the three days of the CyberDay 2019, the SERNAC received 583 claims from consumers, which represents a decline of 14% compared to the previous year (680 claims), although this time the number of participating companies was From 370 versus 216 from the same previous event. The problems were mainly that companies did not respect bids, there were price increases at the time of payment, lack of stock, among others.

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