translated from Spanish: Despite the return of PASA will maintain truck leasing with K Partners

Guasave, Sinaloa.-The municipality will continue with the rent of five trucks to the company K Partners sa I de C.V., even when an agreement was reached to resume work, so he announced the Mayor Aurelia Leal López.La’s cyberspace assured that Gu Asave has no machinery, collectors or anything, so they will remain until the conclusion of the contract and possibly buy them after this. He said that the rent of these trucks leaves in 3.6 million pesos for eight months, so only with what was saved from the month in which he PASSED suspended labors went out to pay the lease.
These trucks were a fundamental part of what happened to our proposals.

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With regard to whether the decision to keep the trucks in rent is not affected by the finances of the municipality said that on the contrary, with the month that PASSES was inoperative already paid the three months of rent.

«It will favor the citizens, no matter what some means that it was a little transparent contract I say no, I have faculties, a direct tender was given. I hold and I will check, we do not come here to affect or do business in the dark, everything is going to be transparent and time will give us the reason. » He said that the fact that it IS going to resume its services does not mean that the municipality will stop operating because it insisted that there are places that are neglected.
It is going to give a double service, because we want a clean municipality and we want to be the best cleaning municipality.

Additional to the acquisition of these trucks announced that they are coming on the way two pipes that they will buy and said that according to «we go making economies are going to go buying.» The idea of us is to leave the administration to come, whoever it is, to leave them established machinery and even a way of getting into a paramunicipal, because we continue to insist that a poor municipality can not maintain such a onerous contract. » He acknowledged that 5 million pesos is still a lot as previously paid 3.6 million pesos before. Rescue
As for the 20 million pesos that come from the state to pay the company, said they come as a ransom. » I told him very clear, I have no money, you’re discounting me monthly 5 million for a loan that was made to me and the past administrations you rescued three times and us nothing. It is a debt originated by bad administrations and past negotiations, it is fair that you resolve us. » Compliance
Expressed who trust that the municipality will be able to comply with the punctual payment of these 5 million pesos. «We have been taking care of this from the beginning, with telling you that we have created austerity programs that many have not seen, everyone is paying their cell phone, everyone brings their car, we have had some considerable savings in fuel, we now We are in total austerity even if it is not noticed.

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