translated from Spanish: End of the disastrous week of Chilean football: Catholic University wins but is eliminated from the Copa Sudamericana

First was Unión La Calera, then the Spanish Union. Yesterday he was a Palestinian. The only representative of the Chilean football that was kept alive in the Copa Sudamericana was the Catholic University. His task was almost miraculous: to reverse the defeat by 5 goals to 0 that suffered before independent of the valley in Ecuador. Here, in San Carlos de Apoquindo, he fulfilled his task, as he won by 3 goals to 2, but it was not enough. It was also eliminated.
If the Crusades ‘ mission was difficult to trace the previous marker, the stripes of the valley were in charge of killing the party and the illusions of the Precordillera at 5 minutes of starting the game through a bit of Alan Franco.
The Catholic had lost the party practically before beginning, but despite the adversity pulled courage, despite need 7 goals to qualify, and sought his goal.
A bad start for the idea of comeback that shuffled the Catholic, which however took advantage of the early expulsion by double yellow of Anthony Landázuri in just minutes to come up.
First he scored in the 25th minute with a Juan Cornejo after a foul thrown by José Fuenzalida from the left, who also attended in the minute 34 to Duvier Riasco to turn the marker.
Despite the rapid response, the team led by Argentine Gustavo Quinteros still had to pierce the goal of independent more times to turn the landslide embedded last week in Ecuador.
At that point in the match the Negriazul knew that in the conditions of numerical inferiority the best strategy was to endure and manage the goals to reach the eighth.
The turn of the changing rooms became an attack on the open tomb of the Chileans, although the attempt at feat was a quiero and I cannot subordinate to the 5-0 that killed the Eliminator in Ecuadorian lands.
Despite this, the Catholic got a third goal in the minute 75 on his way to the comeback in the form of a goal on his own door after the launch of a corner from the right corner and the finish to his own goal of Angelo Preciado.
But Independent had the party controlled and also put the lace to the Chilean painting with a goal in the end of the match scored by Cristian Dájome to return from the Austral country with a ticket to the eighth of final.

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