translated from Spanish: Former presidents to jail?

The order of apprehension turned against the exdirector of Pemex Emilio Lozoya, and the threat of the lawyer of this that it would not fall alone, but they will ask that it be called before the courts to more exfunctionary, including Enrique Peña Nieto, makes foresee that the government of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador already grabbed the tip of the Hank by which to imprison the former president and also is set the sights of justice on Felipe Calderón.
Following the track of money to EPN would seize the case of Odebrecht corruption and the sale of the Agronitrogenados scrap plant and ensures that Felipe Calderón would arrive through allegations of bribes received from the cartel «El Mayo» Zambada through Of the Exsuperpolicía Genaro García Luna, denounced in the court of new York during the trial of «El Chapo» Guzmán, and that even appeared in the series of Netflix personified by «The Sun Lord».
The former presidents do not enjoy total immunity, but there is a limitation in the law that the crimes that have been committed expire in 5 years and for this reason the most exposed is Peña Nieto, who has remained silent contrary to their counterparts Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón, That almost daily tuitean against AMLO.
Former deputy Roberto «El Güero» Cruz recalls that, in 1991, before Salinas left the presidency, corruption ceased to be a felony and this has helped a lot to corrupt officials, and that precisely this former president was exiled from the country for 5 years Who took refuge in Ireland for fear of a legal onslaught against him by Ernesto Zedillo.
It ensures that at the desk of the Secretary of Public service, Eréndira Sandoval, is the research folder on Genaro Garcia, who has long lived in luxury in Miami, and just like Lozoya can pull Peña Nieto, Genaro can pull Felipe and so The former president has already moderated his attacks; In fact, he has just praised the anti-corruption action of the Prosecutor for the Lozoya and Alonso Ancira case. To wait for the next move.

Potpourri. Even by bike, Governor Quirino Ordaz went to Jahuara II yesterday in his tour of the Reed, talking to the neighbors, listening and attending to their needs.
First came to El Carrizo, came to eat a ceviche with the leaders who supported him in the campaign, but immediately addressed the producers and there, in the presence of them, communicated on the phone with Manuel Tarriba, state agriculture, and the national , Víctor Villalobos, with whom he achieved the commitment to unlock the support for the marketing of maize and wheat.
Then by road it moved to Jahuara II to deactivate the blockade of carriers against a construction company, and at the request of the neighbors promised to pave two sections of main streets of the place.

MADRUGUETE. The pan are already in campaign, do not want to catch them asleep waiting for the call to be published for the election of the state leadership and each already promotes its rooster.

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