translated from Spanish: Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of causing discord among Islamic countries

Tehran.-The Iranian government today condemned Saudi Arabia’s call to its Arab partners to use «all means» to deal with Iran and accused that country of attempting to create «discord» among Islamic nations in the region. Saudi Arabia has taken a wrong approach by sowing seeds of discord between Islamic and regional countries, «said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abas Mousavi in a statement. The spokesman also said that at the emergency summits convened on Thursday in Mecca «unfounded allegations» were filed against Iran. The Saudi king, Salman bin Abdelaziz, accused Iran of «threatening regional and global security» in its opening remarks to the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit (GCC), which was followed by another appointment with the 21 active members of the Arab League. The monarch responsible directly to Tehran of this month’s sabotage against Saudi oil and gas pipelines in Persian Gulf waters and asked Summit Attendees Act «to prevent the Iranian regime from interfering with domestic affairs in other countries and sponsoring terrorist activities.» Mousavi said that Iran is confident that such statements do not reflect the real point of view of all the countries present in Mecca and stressed that Saudi Arabia, as host, «seized the opportunity to attribute accusations against Iran.» The Iranian spokesman also criticized Riyadh for focusing on Iran and not on defending the rights of the Palestinian people, as today is celebrated the so-called «Day of Al Quds (Jerusalem)». In addition, he stated that the Saudi approach goes «in line with the futile efforts made by the United States and the Zionist regime (Israel) against the Islamic Republic of Iran.» The Zionist regime always seeks to divert the attention of the Islamic countries from its main enemy and to foster a conflict between them, «warned Mousavi, who expressed hope that the Palestinian question» will not be overshadowed by these strategic errors. » In support of the Palestinians, hundreds of thousands of Iranians came to the streets today to commemorate the «Al Quds Day», established in 1979 by Ayatollah Ruholá Jomeiní, founder of the Islamic Republic, to call for the release of Palestine and the fall of Israel. Two days ago , the president of Iran, Hasan Rohaní, stressed that the Palestinians are already able to defend themselves against Israel «with missiles and not with stones» and called the Iranians to participate massively this Friday in the marches of «Al Quds Day».

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