translated from Spanish: Multicultural Morfi: 3 plans to eat Italian, Asian and Mexican

A new weekend comes with new plans to eat rich. In addition to ideas to go out on Saturday night and Sunday at noon, we added a schedule for Monday, a difficult day to find open restaurants. You’re not going to need to look. Take note!

Saturday: Italian Republic Day in Cincinnati
What the Italians know as their Festa della Repubblica is celebrated all June 2, but this Saturday 1 at night the Cincinnati restaurant is ahead of the celebration: in its modern premises of the Torre Bellini (Esmeralda 924, Centro), a 4-step menu will be available. On glass of wine or beer for $700 per person. As an aperitif, arancini is served with pepperoni and garlic cream; Entrance, burrata with pesto of basil, prosciutto and candied tomatoes; Of principal, one will be able to choose between pizza Margarita (Neapolitan style), gnudi of ricotta bolognese or sole to the PUTANESCA; And for dessert, affogato or Nutella pizza. You can go from the 20 hours and book by calling 5253-8059 phone.

Sunday: Peruvian-Japanese brunch in Komyün
When the time comes for the expected breakfast-lunch Sunday, the most common is to go to find options that include eggs in one of its many formats, avocado, salmon gravlax, fruits, granola… why not vary a bit? The Nikkei restaurant of Los Arcos de Palermo (Avenida Del Libertador 3883, Arc 9), of the same owners of the Avant Garten Brewery, has a different but equally comforting alternative. There are two brunch menus: the first, for $590, includes an entrance (Gyozas of pork and prawns, rolls Harumaki, classic ceviche or salad of the day), a main (rice Yakimeshi, a typical dish of the streets of Singapore called Be Hoon and carries sautéed noodles , Poke Bowl, Ramen Burger or Thai salad), drink and dessert or coffee. The second, for $750, varies all dishes and, next to the drink, also includes dessert and coffee. In this case, as appetizers there is mixed ceviche to the olive tree, Tiradito Shiromi of white fish, temaki of the day or vegetarian ceviche, and among the main include 15 pieces of sushi, ramen, salted loin or tiraditos salad. Both menus can be shared between two adding $150. Available from 12 to 17 hours. 

Monday: Tacos and other Mexican dishes of mass in the Red Bank
Fortunately for all porteños, there are more and more pop-ups in the city: the restaurants open their doors to receive invited cooks and for a day, thanks to this union of forces, you can eat dishes well different from those that are usually in letter , with reasonable prices and in a generally very dynamic and relaxed atmosphere. Some of that happens every Monday at the Red Bank (Bolivar 866, the local food to the most beloved step of San Telmo), where they receive the boys of mass: Kevin and Omar, foreign cooks, decided to specialize in Mexican recipes and thus prepare tacos, sopes and sandwiches Very cool, between $100 and $300. The proposal always changes, but last Monday, for example, there was sope (mass of corn stuffed with cheese) with bacon, lettuce and habanero sauce; Braised chard taco, mushrooms and morita sauce; Hot chicken tacos with gochu sauce, purple onion, cream and crispy kale; Sanguiche of Bondiola, lettuce, beans and cheese, and sanguiche of sweet potato, pepper vinegar-cherry-Brussels-jalapeño and yellow sauce. Tip: There are never any lack of celiac, vegan and vegetarian options. 

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