translated from Spanish: Pemex still owes $5 million dollars to blast furnaces by Agro-nitrogen

The steel blast furnaces of Mexico accused this Friday that Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) insisted on buying Agro-nitrogen and that still owes 5 million dollars for the transaction made in 2013.
In an deployed published in National media, the company notes that the sale of Agro-nitrogen to Pemex complied with all the requirements established by the productive company of the state and the federal government.
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He explained that in 2013 blast furnaces launched a program to rehabilitate their urea plants, which had stopped at 1999, to return to operate.
It was then that Pemex made the offer to buy the resort. Blast furnaces pointed out that it made other offers to the oil company, like a joint venture, a Public Private association (PPP), maquila the fertilizer, but Pemex «insisted on the total transfer of the assets».
The steelmaker detailed that prior to the purchase of PEMEX technical personnel reviewed the conditions of the facilities, in addition to the Institute of Administration and valuation of national Goods (INDAABIN) made an appraisal to fix the transaction in 275 million Dollars.
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Blast furnaces pointed out that Pemex still owes 5 million, 000 dollars for the sale.
The company based in Coahuila added that the corresponding taxes were paid for the deposit of the payment.
Journalistic investigations and the Federation’s Superior Audit (ASF) revealed that the takeover had been a fiasco. And not only that, but also the purchase of Agro-Nitrogens was part of a resource transfer shed to companies Offshore, used by Odebrecht for its scheme of bribes.
Agro nitrogenous was a «junk» plant, which was 14 years old without operating, and Pemex still allocated about 475 million dollars, to buy the assets and rehabilitate it. A «lousy business», according to specialists.
Blast furnaces denounced that there is no official knowledge of the assumptions that provoked the capture of its President of Council, Alonso Ancira, nor have been summoned to appear before the authorities by the sale of Agro nitrogens to Pemex.
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It therefore considers «totally unjustified the decision to block its banking operations as of last Monday, a disproportionate measure, which caused severe damage to the company, and in its case unnecessary because the authority knows perfectly why Accounts entered Pemex’s payments. »
He said that Ancira was never hidden or in flight, he was in Spain fulfilling family commitments and that when he was detained at the airport of Majorca he was headed to Mexico to attend to the signs against the company.
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