translated from Spanish: The crude complaint of abuse of the ex of an Argentine footballer: «I have nightmares of the violent facts that I endure»

Ludmilla Isabella, Former football partner Lautaro Acosta, wrote in his Instagram account an extensive text where he accused the athlete of having made her go through a series of acts of violence and abuse during his relationship and while she was pregnant. «At first everything was divine, but with the course of time you start to discover things, as disrespect, «said the woman in her text, in which she recounted a number of facts.»I didn’t want her to study, not at first either to work, until one day I looked for a job in the locality of Banfield and for being the business located there, nor leave me, because what would people say that the wife of him work in a local Banfield, «said the woman. In his text Isabella also described that «the early morning of June 23rd, 2018, I find it parked by Lanús with a girl, above his truck, unfaithful Siéndome, while I was waiting for him at home, seven months pregnant. » «I separated, then we went back to try, He said he was going to change, he was going to start the psychologist, because what he did with women was a vice, «said the woman, who added that»He was a very violent person with me, from all eyes, is accustomed to no one to say no. » «The woman has to be in the house, can not go out, instead yes, returned 8.30 in the morning as early, I turned off the cell phone from 6.30 onwards and Supposedly ‘ left without battery ‘ «Related. About her pregnancy, Isabella said that «What I regret most about this situation is not having gone on time because My son during his gestation felt all my anguish and today he is caught crying attacks Senseless, does not sleep, at night rises crying. » «I gave in everything, I surrendered everything and I do not regret, I did heart and love, pity that I never returned the same. Sometimes I think at night, I cry and I have nightmares of all the violent facts that I have. It’s going to cost to heal everything, but you can, «I add. Regarding the reason for the revelation, Isabella said that «I don’t want to achieve any of this, just I’m telling my experience to give strength to women They’re going through this. It was hard for me to get out. » Love, Priorícense, close cycles and most importantly, be happy, «he said.

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