translated from Spanish: They find in an abandoned house the bodies of three men gunned down, in Apatzingán, Michoacán

Apatzingán, Michoacan.-In an abandoned house were found the bodies of three men who had gunshot wounds, in addition to the outskirts of that domicile was found and secured a truck with impacts of firearm projectile.
The foregoing was confirmed by the attorney General’s office through a press release, in which he announced the following: «The attorney General’s office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), began research folder in relation to events occurring in the locality the spoon , belonging to this municipality, where they were located the dead bodies of three men of male sex, so far unidentified.
«At 16 hours, personnel of the unit specialized in the scene of the crime, moved to the aforementioned community, place where an abandoned property is located, in which the dead bodies of the three people were found, who presented wounds produced by Firearm projectile.
«In the same way, in front of the house, a RAM pickup truck, type Pick up, white colour was parked, which presents impacts of firearm projectile and, in its interior, several loaders were placed for firearms; The unit plate corresponds to a vehicle with a robbery report.
«Ballistic elements were collected at the site, which were packaged by experts for further analysis.»
«After proceedings, the bodies were transferred to the forensic Medical Service for the practice of the necropsy of law and to continue with the corresponding investigations.»

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