translated from Spanish: They give pre-trial detention to cakes and ham

State of Mexico.-A federal judge of the State of Mexico decreed the legal detention and the informal remand of the alleged leaders of the union Tepito and Anti-Union force, as well as the brother of one of them. The judge of control of the center of Federal Penal Justice of City Nezahualcóyotl determined that Pedro Ramírez Pérez «The Ham», supposed head of the Union, as well as his/her brother José Alberto Ramírez «The Chepe» and Jorge Flores Conchas «The cakes», leader of the Anti-Union force, They will remain inmates in the Penal Neza board. The three accused requested the duplication of the constitutional term to define their legal status, so in the case of «El Chepe» is until next Tuesday when the judge defines if you link to Process and, with respect, the two leaders, that will happen until Wednesday. According to reports of the Attorney-General’s office, «the Ham» and «the cakes» were charged for money laundering and crimes against health in the form of drug possession for trade purposes. As for «The Chepe», the offences for which the prosecutors claim to be prosecuted are possession of cartridges of exclusive use of the army and offences against the health, in the mode of possession of narcotics for purposes of sale.

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