translated from Spanish: Vanessa Hudgens wants to be Catwoman in The Batman

The news that Robert Pattinson will give life to the new Batman in Matt Reeves ‘ film has just been confirmed, fans have begun to speculate on who else could integrate the cast of this new project. It seems that the actress Vanessa Hudgens, released to fame for her role in «High School Musical» of Disney, is among the favorites to embody the beloved Catwoman (Catwoman). This is indicated by the numerous editions of photos made by fans that the actress shared in her Instagram, where we observe her with the characteristic
Antiheroin outfit.

Capture of Instragram

This literally gives me life. @dccomics’LL LEAVE THIS OVER HERE. The role of my dreams, «he wrote in sharing.

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Not bad. Who I have to call to make this happen, «she adds excitedly.

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This and other expressions show that Hudgens is very enthusiastic about the idea of being Catwoman. She even shared a picture of her wearing the suit in her childhood as evidence of her obsession.
And just to prove how obsessed I’ve always been with Catwoman. Here’s the cherry on the cake.

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Although this rumor is running hard, the director of «The Batman», Matt Reeves, has not issued any comment on the matter. It is necessary to know that Hudgens is considered for the role, although the support of the fans already have it.

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