translated from Spanish: A detail of the end of Game of Thrones will be repeated in the novels

Before the series was left without original material from the Ice and fire song novels to adapt, the creators of HBO’s success David Benioff and D.B. Weiss met with the author of the books George RR Martin to discuss the future of Westeros. According to Isa AC Hempstead-Wright, the actor who plays Bran Stark, two of the biggest decisions that came out of that meeting had to do with his character: one was the great revelation of Hodor (occurred in season 6) and the other is the one we saw in the last episode of the series.
Episode 5 of season six was one of the most applauded by fans and was directly based on the ideas of George RR Martin

With a hasty closing that did not convince the fans, Game of Thrones ended pure ellipses its final season. In less than one episode, it was defined that the ruler of the Six kingdoms (with the independent North) would be Bran ‘ The broken ‘, also known as ‘ The three-eyed Crow ‘. Although none of the great leaders of the series went out to publicly confirm that this final was directly linked to the guidelines of George RR Martin, the video with the statements of Hempstead-Wright is posted on the official site that HBO has dedicated to Game of Thrones.
It is very special to be directly involved in something that is part of George’s vision. It was a great way to end it.

The saga of novels written by George RR Martin remains unfinished and the last two books “Winter Winds” and “Spring Dream” still have no confirmed release date. The end of the story remains a mystery to the fans, but the events of the Game of Thrones series could overtake what is coming.

The story of Bran Stark did not have enough relevance in the series, until the author of the books confessed what was the fate of his character

However, the negative reactions to the end emitted by the series and the time that passed since that meeting in 2013, can influence the final decision of the author. Martin already declared in more than one opportunity that there will be several discrepancies between the history of the books and that of the series, and some loose chapters that was published show it. While there is still no release date confirmed and already postponed several times his ppubliación, the writer said he hopes to have ready the final anticipated of the books for August 2020. In this note:

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