translated from Spanish: A tornado in southern Chile left wounded and caused damage

The south of Chile was surprised by an unusual climatic phenomenon in that country, which left serious structural damage and little more than a dozen wounded in the city of Los Angeles. According to the official police information, the barrage passed mainly through the area of Where is located the Micros terminal of that city, located 513 kilometers south of Santiago. The tornado, which occurred yesterday, around the 19 hours of Argentina, left several wounded and provoked blackouts, roof blasting, falls of streetlights, as well as turning small vehicles and trucks. They also exploited several transformers that channel the electrical energy, according to the sources.

One of the photos captured by Los Angeles neighbors.

The mayor of Los Angeles, Esteban Krause, confirmed that there are people injured «but not serious», and that the climatic phenomenon had not been anticipated by the meteorological service, in statements to CNN Chile. According to the authorities ‘ balance sheet, at least 12,000 customers were left without power; There are 16 people injured and six houses affected.
«My support and solidarity to those affected by the tornado that today hit Los Angeles, destroying homes, starting roofs and interrupting electrical service,» said Chile’s president Sebastián Piñera in a message to the inhabitants of Los Angeles.

«We are co-ordinated with the intendant, who is in the city chairing the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) and coordinating aid to repair damage caused,» he said.
From the meteorological agency they did not rule out that it was a marine barrage that entered the ground forming a tornado.

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