translated from Spanish: Argentina recorded a femicide every 32 hours in 2018

Being one of the major scourges in the area of security, the NGO decided to reflect in numbers all the cases that were treated by the media from 1 January 2018 to 31 December, and resulted in a number of 2,952 femicides in Tota L Femicide is one of the most extreme forms of violence against women, it is the murder committed by a man towards a woman whom he considers of his property, «reflects the written presented, after solving the data that result in a crime every 32 hours.

According to the House of the meeting, 2952 Femicides were registered in 2018 in Argentina.

Among other worrying data, it was resolved that by the aforementioned number of murders, 3,717 children without mothers, 2,394 of them, under age. There were also 303 murders of males, both older and younger, linked to Femicides, which in 62 per cent were committed by couples or ex-partners. With regard to the places where women and girls were murdered, 63% of cases occurred in the victim’s house, while a discouraging number is that in 14% of the total there was at least one previous complaint for gender violence. With the numbers on the table, the House of the meeting called for «comprehensive and effective protection from a gender perspective for women victims of violence, both in the Office of Domestic Violence (OVD) as well as in women’s police stations.»

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