translated from Spanish: Deputy Raúl Soto: «The DC, under the leadership that we have today, is an authoritarian party»

Congressman Raúl Soto harshly criticized his party’s president, Fuad Chahín, for the decision to take him out of the presidency of the lower House working Committee, after his vote against the idea of legislating on pension reform. For Soto, «This is gestated by the head of the bench, Gabriel Ascencio, in communion with the party’s president, Fuad Chahín, and with whom today-no more or less-comes to replace me in the Committee of Labor, deputy Gabriel Silber.» In turn, it described the measure as «totally disproportionate», ensuring that it is only sought «to censure me in a political position and in what comes for the particular processing of the pension reform,» said E Emol TV. The parliamentarian accuses a «political operation» against him, criticizing in passing the role played by Fuad Chahín in this conflict. «What you expect from a party president when there is an internal conflict, a crisis or political differences of opinion, is that it has the leadership necessary to put cold cloths and contribute to the solution (…) He has done the opposite, has abanderizado with a stance to put the foot on those who think differently, «said Soto. The MP believes that «there is a deeply authoritarian and anti-democratic attitude that is quite reprehensible», stressing that «unfortunately the DC under the leadership we have today is an authoritarian party, which does not dialogue internally, which is easier than dialogue With the government than with its own militants. They want to turn DC into a real regiment. » Finally, Raúl Soto said that Chahín «has not had the slightest decency to call me, write me, all these days. Absolutely nothing, rather has wandered through all the media of the hand of Silber, taking stance, censoring the other and calling to rectify a political position that is backed by the bases. »

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