translated from Spanish: Fuel increased, law against Motochorros, pain for the death of José Reyes, Pampita on abortion and much more…

1. Despite the postponement, YPF and Shell increase fuels

The increase was 1.5% and it was already applied to all the service stations in the country. Continues reading here… 2. Pampita referred to the debate over abortion: «We need the law»

The model and driver expressed their position regarding the bill for voluntary termination of pregnancy. Continues reading here… 3. Lionel Messi: «I want to finish my career and have won something with the selection»

The Argentine crack spoke in the previous of the Copa America and analyzed the new competition that will have ahead with the selection, after the World Cup. Continues reading here… 4. Lagarde referred to Cristina Kirchner: «People change if they are in campaign»

The lawyer and IMF leader provided statements about the eventual arrival of the former president to power. Continues reading here… 5. José Antonio Reyes died in a traffic accident

The player of 35 years was fired by the Sevilla, the club where he played, but also by hundreds of people in social networks. Continues reading here… 6. «Rap in 1 minute», the initiative of a young man who carries social criticism for millennials

In the last few hours, his videos quickly viralizaron on social networks. Filo. News spoke with the young man to learn more about his project. Continues reading here… 7. Marilyn Monroe died at 36, but today would meet 93 years

Norma Jean Mortenson had a short career and lived a life crossed by tragedy, scandal and fame. Continues reading here… 8. The province of Buenos Aires passed a law to counteract the Motochorros

The law was presented by Congresswoman Carolina Píparo, who in 2010 was attacked in a robbery of these characteristics and the shot lost her son. Continues reading here… In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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