translated from Spanish: Grant Freedom to Barbara Botel

León, Guanajuato.-Bárbara Botelo, former mayor of León, Guanajuato, will face his criminal process in freedom after the criminal third judge, Cristina Rábago, resolved the change of precautionary measures of the traditional system to the new criminal adversarial system. The Judiciary of the state of Guanajuato announced tonight that the former federal deputy will face the trial against him for embezzlement of a 1,577,000 pesos in freedom. Today, in the afternoon, the same judge had issued a formal prison sentence to the former municipal president according to the previous criminal system, with which the PRI would be judged, and warranted pre-trial detention. The defense of the former mayor requested the change of precautionary measure, which generated the freedom of Botel after leaving guarantees for 1.5 million pesos to cover the repair of damage. Unofficially it was reported that Botel Santibáñez left some properties as collateral to repair the damage for the offense charged. According to known, Botelo Santibáñez, who from 2012 to 2015 became the first mayor of León, left tonight the Cereso de León to go to his home where they waited for relatives. In addition to the crime of embezzlement for 1.5 million pesos, the former mayor could face other criminal complaints for irregularities detected during his administration. Other anomalies detected are by embezzlement of resources, which last year caused that the city of León will disable it for a period of five years to carry out public offices and be fined with 900,000 pesos.

Botel Santibáñez paid with public resources personal services such as massages at the Hotel & Spa Hacienda Sepúlveda, which is located in the municipality of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. Also, he was penalized for receiving an antiquity premium for 100,296 pesos and a Compensation of 203,802 pesos at the end of its management. Other anomalies detected were the overpriced purchase of a 270 percent of land to build a terminal of the integrated transport system, which is located on Timothy Lozano Boulevard. He also incurred excessive payments in several works, including the Construction of the citizen’s Square, the park Jewels Square, the vanguard School of jewellery and remodeling of the historic center where trees were felled and bollards placed.

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