translated from Spanish: It starts at the UMSNH Seminar “Contributions to the construction of the political history of Mexico and the United States”.

Morelia, Michocán.-Throughout its history, the image has had a more persuasive potential, communicative and generating sensitivity, something that the text has not achieved in an immediate way, said Miguel Ángel Castillo Archundia, student of the Master in Philosophy of Culture by the Michoacan University, during the seminar “Contributions to the construction of the political history of Mexico and the United States”.
During his lecture on “Photography in the construction of history”, given at the Enrique Florescano Auditorium of the Institute of Historical Research, the graduate student made a reflection on the limits of ethical interpretation that They must exist in the use of photographic images of violence, on contemporary information platforms and the importance of problematize the uses of the same image within journalism, as ways of building history and ways of generating truths that to their Incorporating some political interest.
Photojournalism has occupied an important place in the history of countries around the world, both to make certain topics available, such as the retrospective for the historian to build a vision of a historical moment.
That is why the photographic image must be conceived with a potential power that can cause the world to turn to see something, Sue, approve, disapprove and demand on a specific situation, he added, the image in its potentiality becomes a power between Those who have the means or platforms to disseminate images and who finance or govern them.
It is often believed that the manipulation of photography was born with the age of digital photography and the era of Photoshop, however, he said, throughout history there have been manipulated photographs, hand-retouched by painters and artists of the brush to generate images to Color and correct mistakes, among many other reasons.
In summary, photographic images have not at any time been free of manipulation, since their beginnings have been manipulated in a clear way from small changes in tone, to put and remove elements, for specific purposes, he concluded.
Source: Expresso Monitor

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