translated from Spanish: Mauricio Pochettino: «We will fight next year to come back here»

Liverpool won the sixth champions League of its history and on the other side Tottenham felt for the first time what was to dispute the definition of the most important tournament at the club level. However, it is no use consoling Pochettino and the rest of the team, but the coach knows that you have to look forward. » Losing an ending is never pretty. We were motivated to make a match, and losing from the locker room is a hard psychological blow. The most important thing is that we have competed well. Now you have to think positive, «the Argentinean expressed in the mixed zone, after the fall by 2 to 0.
As for the penalty of the Sissoko penal that opened the game he added: «It’s hard. We’ve taken the arbitrators out of their ability to decide. It is true that you can not extend your arm up and if Pita is a matter of interpretation of the referee. » Faith was maxed out, I think we’ve had a lot of chances and we haven’t been right. We were closer to the draw than to fit the second goal, but when you take the risk, they have speed and capacity to generate occasions, but we have generated twice as many chances. In football does not deserve, «noted Pochettino.

Pochettino confirmed that he will continue in Tottenham next season. Photo: Twitter @SpursOfficial

Now, he and all Tottenham will look forward and think about what’s coming. «It is impossible to comfort but we must be smart and build the future. The next victory begins to build today. We’ve tried all over, but all that goes to waste but who has won has been the Liverpool, just Victor and has my congratulations. » We’ll stay on our way, it’s a project. We will fight next year to come back here, «sentenced the former Espanyol, who seems to confirm his continued coaching of the Spurs.

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