translated from Spanish: “Rap in 1 minute”, the initiative of a young man who brings social criticism to millennials

Santiago Martínez is 22 years old. In his spare time, take advantage to grab the camera, improvise some rhymes in front of the screen, and then share them in their social networks. After all, it lives within the millennial generation, where cultural flows are connected through the virtual scenario. For this reason, the young man decided to take advantage of the young, cyber and fleeting audience to create “Rap in 1 minute”, the initiative that was viral in the last days. “It comes from the need to count a lot in the least amount of time possible. Knowing that nowadays it is difficult for people to take time to hear what you have to say, “he revealed in dialogue with Filo. News.
“I saw, heard and lived realities that made me want to tell,” he said.

Days ago, he took advantage to enhance his initiative with a contest that promoted Femigangsta, the rapper Instagrammer who urged his followers to publish songs with critical content. In that context, Santiago took the advantage of showing everything he had to offer, and sharing with the audience the idea he had. In total, he harvested more than seven thousand reproductions and dozens of comments. “I didn’t expect so many people to like it and share it. I’m glad to know that there are people who want to hear the same rap as me. More than thankful to her for showing what I do, “she revealed. The rap in the veins

He started listening to some Eminem theme, those that sound on the radio or on TV shows. But from there he became more and more interested in the subject, in the rhymes and in the urban style.
“What attracted me to the genre I think would be the ideals expressed by hip-hop, the musical roots it has and the way to express it,” he revealed. 

For that reason, he decided to do it himself and use it as a means of expression: “I spread it because I want to be heard (like many in my generation) and use the networks because nowadays they are the best way of diffusion that we have”. What sets the agenda in the neighborhoods

The abuse of power by the police, the fight for legal abortion in Argentina, the rise in prices and the inflation that consumes the economy of hundreds of people. These are some of the topics that the rapper explores in his lyrics. ” It’s not just what I see on TV, I read in the newspaper or I hear on the radio. That’s what I see on the streets, too. History that is repeated, sometimes for good many others for evil, kids and chicks (to which they are treated of lost generation) fighting for their rights and those of the other one, “he explained.
“I try to talk about reality, sometimes more, others less subjective. This is where the themes and videos are born, he said.

Then, he added: “I believe in creative societies (from where my A. Ka Socre is born), that union that is given between people in order to create something. Maybe that’s the first message, the one who believes he creates and the one he believes. I try to say-crazy this (me) this happening-the good and the bad. As Rap was born from the need for protest, as he opined, it materializes in the generation of “kids and chickss who want to change things”: “One first protests for others to find out what happens, and then we all act to solve the problem,” he told. The truth is that he already started to fight for the future, to try to raise awareness of society, and his message is on the social networks and the mentalities of the millennials. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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