translated from Spanish: Salvador Alvarado with low index of education lag

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.-In the municipality has a low percentage in illiteracy, according to statistics made on December 31 of last year by the Institute for Adult Education (ISEA), where it was determined that there is an amount of 1550 people who don’t know how to read and write. Manuel León Leyva, area Coordinator of ISEA, commented that as far as illiterates, Salvador Alvarado is the municipality that has lower index, since the state average is 3.2 percent and Salvador Alvarado is at 2.5 percent.

There are 5896 people who have not completed their primary education in Salvador Alvarado, which is equivalent to 9.6 percent; Likewise, 8603 people have not finished high school, which is equivalent to 14%, which gives a total of 26 percent of people with educational backwardness, according to ISEA figures. Leon Leyva reported that at the state level the municipality has a 30 percent educational lag, which means it is below the state average; He also added that it is a low index area in this problematic. Leon Leyva said that they are implementing some measures to combat the lag, as are the day to conclude level.

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