translated from Spanish: They find a corpse handcuffed and gunned down in a car

Uruapan, Mich.-The lifeless body of a man who was handcuffed and with bullet impacts on the skull was found inside a car abandoned in the Fraccionamiento Rincón del Manantium, located in this city of Uruapan on Saturday June 1, 2019.
In this tenor, it could be known that the deceased is in the capacity of unknown, is a person of approximately 35 years of age. Official contacts confirmed that the deceased had several gunshot wounds to the skull.
The event was in front of the kiosk of the settlement previously referred to in the Reveler Street. The area was cordoned by the elements of the Michoacán police in attachment to the chain of custody in order to avoid the contamination of possible indications. Also, the representatives of the law requested the presence of the investigators of the attorney General of the state. The unit specializing in the crime scene is in charge of the investigation.
The deceased was inside a vehicle of the Chevrolet Aveo brand, cherry color, which was insured by the investigators to continue with the investigation of the matter. It is expected that until the morgue will come the loved ones of the now deceased to claim it, the policemen reported.

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