translated from Spanish: Elections 2019: Closed the elections in San Juan, Misiones and Corrientes

After a weekend without elections, the month of June was launched with electoral calls in three provinces: San Juan and Misiones, and legislative in Corrientes. At 18.00, they closed the elections in the three electoral fronts and there are expectations for the first results. san juan
What do you choose? Governor and vice-governor; 17 proportional deputies; 19 Departmental deputies; 19 Intendants and 131 councillors who are dealt in the 19 departments. In the Pas or (31 of March): Sergio Uñac, current governor and candidate for all, obtained 55.74% of the votes, surpassing by more than 20 points to the candidate of change, Marcelo Orrego. Missions
What do you choose? Governor and Vice, 20 provincial deputies, Intendants and councillors in the 76 municipalities. There were no primaries, so missions directly conducted general elections. The current deputy Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad is the challenger of the Concordia renewing front, which governs from 2003. In front is Humberto Schiavoni, and president of the national PRO. A priori, the polls of intention of vote mark a loose win for the official list with more than 50%, while the candidate of change expects to surpass the floor of the 30 points. Currents
What do you choose? Renewal in the Legislature and the deliberative councils in each of its communes. In particular, 5 seats of senators and 15 of provincial deputies are chosen. In this province, Governor and vice will not be elected during the 2019. In this note:

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