translated from Spanish: «It was a» right policy «: China justifies the Tiananmen repression of 1989

Repressing the protests at Pek’s Tiananmen square In 1989 was the «right policy,» said the Chinese defense minister this Sunday. «That incident was a political turmoil and the central government took steps to stop the turbulence, which is a correct policy,» said General Wei Fenghe, at the Regional Security Forum of Shangri-La, Singapore.
Speaking to defense ministers, high-ranking military and experts, General Wei wondered why the world always says that China «did not manage the incident properly.»
«These 30 years showed that China has experienced major changes,» he said, adding that thanks to government action, «China enjoys stability and development.»
30 years ago, Beijing was the epicenter of a series of protests in which students were the spearhead and in which the army’s crackdown on Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 left hundreds or even more than 1,000 demonstrators dead.
China will not give up the use of force in reunification with Taiwan, the Chinese Minister of Defense also said, considering that it is «very dangerous» to underestimate Beijing’s willingness.
«We will strive for a peaceful reunification process with the utmost sincerity and greater effort, but we do not make promises that we will renounce the use of force,» said General Wei Fenghe during an international conference on security in Singapore.
«If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will have no choice but to fight, whatever it takes. Whatever it takes, by national unity, «General Wei insisted.
On 30 May, China has already accused the United States of «playing with fire» with Taiwan, after Washington launched several initiatives aimed at strengthening its ties with this island claimed by Beijing, such as shipping ships to the Taiwan Strait.
Washington, which broke diplomatic relations with Taipei in 1979 to recognize Beijing as the sole representative of China, remains nonetheless the most powerful ally of the island territory, as well as its main supplier of weapons.
China regards Taiwan as part of its territory. The island is run by a rival regime that took refuge there after the Communists took power on the mainland, in 1949, after the Chinese civil War.
The UN does not regard the island as an independent state. And Beijing is constantly threatening to resort to force in the event of a formal proclamation of independence from Taipei or an external intervention, especially from the United States.
Trade war
In parallel, the government denied the accusations that it had taken steps backwards in the trade negotiations with the United States and assured that the main stumbling block for progress is that Washington is calling for more and more.
«The more the United States government offers, the more it wants,» the Chinese government said in an instructive «White Paper» published on Sunday that says that Washington should assume «the responsibility» that talks between the two countries Have resented over the past few weeks.
Thus, Donald Trump’s version of the government that China has pushed back in some of the agreements reached is «totally unfounded» and «irresponsible» and it was the United States that «resorting to intimidation and coercion, persisted with exorbitant demands» .

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