translated from Spanish: It was presented as “Prince Saudi” scam for more than $8 million pesos and goes to jail for it

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United States.-Anthony Gignac, who presented himself as ‘ Saudi prince ‘, lived a glamorous life, a life almost to the body of King, while delivering business cards in which he referred to himself as ‘ His Royal Highness ‘ and ‘ Sultan ‘. On his Instagram account he frequently hung photos of his private jet, yachts, five-star hotels, luxury restaurants, jewelry and all kinds of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermès and Rolex products.
His lifestyle came to an end this Friday, when he was sentenced in Miami (USA) — a city where he resided — to 18 and a half years ‘ imprisonment for aggravated identity theft and electronic fraud, among other charges.
“Gignac has presented himself as a Saudi prince (Khalid bin Al-Saud) to manipulate, victimize and swindle countless investors from around the world,” said in a statement the federal prosecutor of the South District of the state of Florida, Fajardo Orshan.

Florida man, Anthony Gignac,48, who posed as Saudi Royal, jailed for 18 years for cheating people out of USD 8 million
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“As a result, dozens of trusting investors (from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Hong Kong) were stripped of their investments, losing more than 8 million dollars,” the communiqué collects.
The man was discovered in the most absurd way that could be thought and is that in March 2017 Gignac was getting prepared to invest in a luxury hotel in Miami, but in the course of negotiations, his potential partner saw him eating merrily ham , bacon and other pork products, whose consumption outlawsed the Muslim religion and which would certainly have been rejected by a devout Muslim prince.
It was then that the hotel owner asked his security team to investigate Gignac, reporting his suspicions to the officers, which eventually led to a federal investigation.
Source: RT

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