translated from Spanish: School violence, we’re anesthetizing ourselves as a society

The case of a student in the city of Puerto Montt, who entered with a mask to a school and fired at the Cuel It to another student, reflects that fiction or what happens in other nations, and sometimes we see so far, unfortunately is happening and as a society we are not helping much to avoid it.
Today, many of our young people have standardized violent behaviors that they learn through a society that is increasingly individualized and where the accelerated pace of life leaves less time for family and conversation with our children.
Much is said that communication is the basis of a good relationship, but to make it effective is not enough to propose, but it is necessary to bring it into practice and not just inside households. As a society, as educational establishments and as a country we must act to prevent more acts of violence trigger in establishments where young people must go to learn, to grow as people, to be safe and not where parents are afraid To leave our children without knowing what might happen to them.
We know that prevention is key in this, but are we really carrying out actions that prevent bullying, bullying, school violence, gender, or other humiliating acts among students?
The Government has pointed to the need to check the backpacks of young people as a measure to prevent them from entering weapons into schools. However, the basic issue should be to prevent that student from crossing the single idea of armed and less carrying out an act as serious as attacking a partner. The family is key, but let’s not turn a blind eye as a society.
In the world there are several tools that are being applied in schools, in addition to teaching traditional subjects, complement them with programs where social, ethical and emotional learning help to form people where concern for another being Human is key, with a vision of a more compassionate world, in which we can all coexist.
Examples there are several and even, where meditation, yoga and ancestral practices are being incorporated into the curricular mesh with a positive effect among students: sometimes it is necessary to go beyond traditional or common actions to reach a good port and It is clear that current education should include helping students cultivate character and ethical discernment, not just practical skills.

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