translated from Spanish: Was punished for child abuse in the U.S. but continues to celebrate Mass in southern Chile

Was charged and punished for sexual abuse of minors in Es United States, but that did not prevent him from being the current parish administrator of the Church of María Inmaculada de Cochamo, about 100 kilometers from Puerto Montt.
We are talking about Roberto Barco, the priest who, according to the nation of Argentina, was denounced on 2016 for abuses committed between 2009 and 2011 when he was in the parish of San Salvador de Colton, a complaint that cost him his departure from the church in the United States.
The complaint became effective five years after being expelled from the American diocese. But, despite its removal, made on the same day as the indictment, the reports of denunciation transcend if one of the defendants decides to hold charges in another diocese, for having been ousted does not prevent it.
Despite the resolution of the California headquarters of San Bernardino, in the Diocese of Chascomús they reject the charges against the priest and claim that the complaint was raised to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith. This agency closed the case for an alleged «absence of crime».
The priest, after being placed by the Argentinean environment, said that never in «his life had an inappropriate behavior with children whom I love.»

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