translated from Spanish: 25 years in prison for three men who killed a teenager in Zamora, Michoacán

Zamora, Michoacán.-the attorney General’s office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), obtained a sentence of 25 years of imprisonment against three men of the male sex, by crediting their full responsibility in the killing of a teenager, events occurred last year in this City of Zamora.
During the trial, the Regional prosecutor’s office credited that on January 19, 2018, Julio Cesar R., and the teenager, held an argument when they were in a home in Colonia Ramírez; However, at a certain point, Enrique R., and Juan Carlos R., the latter carried a firearm with which he pointed to the victim, while Julio Cesar R., began to strike her.
Later, the teenager was transferred to the colony Lindavista, where they deprived her of life, leaving the body abandoned in a gap.
Days after the murder, the accused were arrested and placed at the disposal of the judiciary; After the public prosecutor’s Office made imputation, the judge resolved, at the first moment, to link them to process.
Once the oral trial was developed, and after the evidence provided by the parties was released, the court of Prosecution issued a conviction against the detainees and ruled, for each of them, 25 years ‘ imprisonment, by fully accrediting their Responsibility in homicide; In addition, they were sentenced to pay for repair of the damage.

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