translated from Spanish: Arturo Vidal said that Claudio Bravo and Marcelo Díaz did not win alone America’s Cups

The steering wheel of the Chilean team, Arturo Vidal, referred to the present of the red and the absence of Claudio Bravo and Marcelo Díaz. «There’s only one coach here, and there’s no more. If I had to assemble the team I put my son Alonso, «said the King in the commune of San Joaquin after training with the campus of Rodelindo Román and share a barbecue.» You can’t do that. Less with the Prof (Reinaldo) wheel that is a DT who really knows a lot. They have to see the curriculum to see where it comes from and ready, «added the current Barcelona player about the supposed influence of players with more time on the team to set up the roster for the continental tournament.» They two (Bravo and Diaz) did not win alone. Valdivia is missing… how many players are missing from the American Cup? We’re eight on the current campus. That looks ugly. The young players who come, come with fear sometimes because the press does not support them but really the team is out and I know the team is strong and we will win the Copa America, «said Curt the steering wheel of the national selected. In the same line, Vidal also clarified the spirit with which the campus faces this new Copa America. » I’ve always been in a good mood. People or some journalists try to mess up the environment. But the team is ready for everything in the selection, «he slipped. He shared with his team of barrioEl «King» trained and shared a barbecue with Rodelindo Román in San Joaquin. «It’s my whole life team. Trying to dream to get to First division, «he said. Happy because I was invited to the barbecue. I enjoyed it and met everyone. I follow all the matches but now to meet them I am very happy with everything that we are living with Rodelindo, «he added. The training was smooth, to stretch the legs. So that the children of Rodelindo also felt happy, «he closed.

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