translated from Spanish: Live with the Jesus in the mouth

Fear. Those who continue with the hope that the state and municipal governments support them with the cleanings of streams are the neighbors of the Esperanza colony, which divides with the Colony 5 of February in Culiacan; As the rainy season approaches, they fear becoming victims of heavy downpours.
It’s better to prevent. The rains are already on, and Guillermo Galindo, mayor of the city, along with the competent authorities, are preparing strategies and activities to prevent the citizens from reaching the water to the neck, which aims to prevent storms and hurricanes Grab them behind the door, because you know beforehand where you have to pay more attention.
Delay. The Health Secretary in the state, Efrén Encinas, noted that hiring staff for the General Hospital in Guasave has been delayed because they expect to Federalicen health services in Sinaloa, and that way they hire such people, because otherwise the state I’d have to release that resource.
Invitation. Those who are well concerned that there will be an explosion because of the tankers and users who make it easy to fill the gas tanks in households are Civil protection volunteers, who urge not to fall into these dangerous practices. Divers!
Pa ‘ his mecha! A series of crises is brewing in Rosario. And it is that, to the unemployment that has generated the ban of shrimp, it adds the loss of Chams generated in the fruit-growing by the damage caused by the hurricane Willa in the productive infrastructure and, more recently, the negative effects of the drought in the agriculture. The fact is that everywhere there are losses. The challenge for Mayor Manuel Antonio Pineda is great.

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