translated from Spanish: This is how the elections in San Juan are developed, Misiones and Corrientes

This Sunday June 2 is voted in San Juan, Misiones and Corrientes: We already explain what is chosen in each province, now, we tell you how the elections develop. san juan

The forecasts give the winner to Sergio Uñac, current governor who goes for his re-election. In dialogue with the press, the candidate did not merely speak only of the province: the PJ, Federal Alternative, change, Roberto Lavagna and Sergio Massa were also part of their analysis. » The national PJ should also present a unit list. It is true that the Federal alternative begins not to dilute but hopefully not end in a polarization because it serves no one, «he said first. And he went on: «Roberto Lavagna was never a leading part of the Federal alternative. There was a group of governors-among whom I include myself-who gathered us. From there begins to emerge a third alternative, and they were consolidating that space. » As for change and lack of self-representation in the province, the provincial president noted: «The opposition is not feeling represented by the government to change. Are distant. » Finally, he said: «It would be very timely for Massa to be part of a concept of unity.»

Marcelo Orrego competes for the San Juan Governorate | Photo: NA

His challenger, the mayor of the city of Santa Lucía Marcelo Orrego competes in the front with you: «We have made a big STEP, now we will see the general.» The communal chief highlighted the «austere campaign» that he carried out, «with very few economic resources, but enormous human passion.» Orrego was not based on street parades, posters or graffiti, but in the technique of door to door, he said. Missions

Lieutenant Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad Voting | Photo: Twitter @EnfoqueMisiones

In the missionary district is the current lieutenant Governor the candidate better positioned to occupy the maximum position at the provincial level: Oscar Herrera Ahuad (of the renovating Front of Concord) expressed «great expectation» and unlinked the regional elections of the Nationals .» In our province we discuss missionary issues, we have no expectation of a national reach. This choice is appropriate for the missionaries where each one of them will validate the management we have been doing, «he argued. On the law of slogans, Herrera Ahuad explained that it only governs for «for intendants, not for governor».

Humberto Schiavoni already voted | Photo: Twitter @misionesonline

Humberto Schiavoni, holder of the national PRO, is another candidate for governor: «We always said that the opposition strategy is all valid and we respect all of them. We have our own goals. What the opposition does is an issue that does not concern us, «he said. Consulted on whether his role in the yellow party adds pressure to him, he replied: «Clearly it is a greater responsibility, so we have made the maximum of our effort for this election. I am convinced that we have to keep betting on change and that Argentina has to leave the past behind. » Currents
Of the three sectors, Corrientes is the only one that does not elect Governor: 5 seats of Senators and 15 of provincial deputies are voted. It is the only victory that we change waiting with some certainty. Gustavo Valdés, provincial president, has already issued his vote, as do most of the applicants to legislators. In this note:

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