translated from Spanish: Two Mexican distillates to add to the home bar

Three years ago, Bodega Norton decided to enter the world of the cocktail and opened its division of spirits: It began to import different brands of whisky, gin, cognac, tequila and more, forming a portfolio that includes names like Hendrick’s, Glenfiddich, Tullamore, Maker Mark and Camus, among others. Now, this family expands with the incorporation of mezcal Montelobos and the liquor Ancho Reyes, native of Mexico.

Produced from organic agave, Montelobos arrives to the direct country from a distillery located in the town of Santiago Matatlán, in Oaxaca. Although in his native land mezcal is an ancestral beverage consumed by many, here is not very diffused or has too many exponents in the bars, but everything would indicate that we go to that: From now will be available the variety sprat, but the line of mezcal Montelobos is completed with the bottles assemble and Tobalá, close to join our gondolas. With a fresh profile and pronounced smoke notes, Montelobos Sprat has a 43.2% alcoholic graduation, is crafted and, of course, has no preservatives, colorants or artificial aggregates of any kind. It is the work of the Agave specialist Iván Saldaña Oyarzábal’s and the fifth generation farmer Don Abel López Mateos. The 750ml bottle has an estimated price of $3500 and can be obtained at wine. For its part, the liquor of Chile Ancho Reyes, as its name suggests, is produced from Chile ancho, which is harvested in the Mexican zone of Puebla. After harvesting, it dries, cuts and maceras, resulting in the liquor that now begins to market in our payments. The recipe of wide Reyes was created in the 1920s and its base is, like mezcal, 100% natural. It is interesting to add to cocktails but also very rich to drink alone, with a sweet and warm entrance and a coquelet and smoked finish. The graduation is 40% and the bottle of 750ml costs around $1700, so it is more economical to have at home or to give away. 

The big question, regardless of the whim of adding new bottles to the domestic bar, is how to take mezcal and liquor of Chile wide other than in shots? Here, two recipes to prepare simple, rich and novel drinks: with Montelobos: JEWELUP
Ingredientes2 parts of Montelobos
1/2 part of Fernet Branca
1/2 part of syrup Earl Gray Tea
1/2 part of water
4 or 6 sheets of mentaProcedimiento1. Combine all ingredients in the shaker.
2. Stir in the shaker and strain on a glass (better if Julep) with crushed ice
3. Garnish with ginger caramel and mint leaf. With wide kings: MEXICAN NEGRONI
Gin Ingredientes30ml
30ml Wide Kings
30ml of Campari
Orange and cinnamon C/nProcedimiento1. Pour all ingredients into a shallow glass with ice.
2. Mix lightly.
3. Decorate with a slice of orange and cinnamon. In this note:

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