translated from Spanish: Valdés: «It is urgent to remove pension reform, because it is a pressure cooker»

As part of a launching activity of a book by the Central Bank, held at the issuing Institute, former treasury minister Rodrigo Valdés referred to the process of reforming the pension system, which he described as something «Urgent». According to The Economist, beyond the details of the final design, «Here the important thing is that everyone will have to be generous enough to accept and take the views of others seriously, because this is an issue in which many votes need to be confluence and , therefore, no one can assume a subject of having the exclusive truth, «he said. In that sense, Valdés believes that it is going to have to agree and look for «the best way to design something that does not have negative things and yes have positive things for the operation of the system.» With respect to the administration of the additional 4%, which has generated conflict between the opposition and the Officialism, Valdés argued that «I believe in particular that the elections between funds do not add so much, but it is also not an issue by which I cut my veins, I think what H Ay to procure is to get the reform, really the urgent thing is to get the pension reform because it is a pressure cooker if you continue to put pressure on time, and discuss 8 years more, I do not know what the solution will be » , he indicated, according to Pulse reports. Finally, he again called for dialogue, stressing that he hopes that the parties «can sit at the table again, take pencil and paper and move forward, in fact we are just discussing 4%, we still need to discuss how to achieve more solidarity in the system , which is the other part that was agreed in the vote in general, and on which until now has not yet begun to see designs. »

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