translated from Spanish: Chamber approves law of dues with the abstention of Deputies Camila Flores, Amar and Hoffmann

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday the idea To legislate the project that seeks to implement a gender quota law in the elections of regional governors, mayors and councillors.
The initiative was addressed in two ballots and returned to the Women and Gender Equity Commission for having been the subject of indications.
In the first ballot, the general rules were resolved, which were approved by 126 votes in favour, one against and 20 abstentions; And the second, meanwhile, came to ratify the special quorum provisions, which were approved by 120 votes in favour, one against and 25 abstentions.
In both cases, the counter vote corresponded to the deputy evangelical RN Leonidas Romero. Abstentions were on behalf of members of Chile Vamos, including 3 women: the RN Camila Flores and the UDI Sandra Amar and Maria Jose Hoffmann.
This point was put in question by the deputy of Democratic revolution, Maite Orsini. «Let the Government declare women’s rights, to say that it is key that there are + women in charge, but have deputies today rejecting #LeyDeCuotas, is to lie to the citizenry. That the right is ordered because this law favors women of left, right or any sensibility, «he warned.
For the president of the Women’s Committee of the Chamber, Loreto Carvajal, meanwhile, «the general approval of the» quota law «is the milestone we need to continue advancing on gender equality. We hope that many more women will be motivated to participate in the upcoming municipal and regional elections of 2019. »
More women in politics
The proposal, initially constitutional, aims to strengthen the representativeness of women in local positions of popular choice, in order to overcome the imbalance that prevents them from accessing such charges, so as to contribute to their Visibility within the policy, the Chamber reported.
The objective is to increase the presence of women, given that in the last municipal elections, the candidates for mayor and councillor positions accounted for 19% and 30.9% of the total candidacies respectively and of 1,211 candidates for mayor, only 231 were women , whereas, of 13,130 candidates for councillor, 4,058 were women.
What the project says
The proposal previously analyzed by the Committee on Women and Gender Equity, points out that, from all candidatures to regional governors, councillors, mayors, declared and ratified by a political party, by a pact of Parties, by a pact Between an independent political party or a pact of parties and Independents, neither candidate nor candidate may exceed 50% of the nominations declared and ratified.
It adds that this maximum percentage will be compulsory and will be calculated irrespective of the nomination form.
Also, this percentage will be applicable at the national level of the nominations declared and ratified. In the event that the candidatures are odd, the project supports, neither men nor women will be able to exceed 60% of the candidatures ratified respectively at national level.
The infringement, emphasizes the initiative, will entail the rejection of all the candidacies declared to governors or regional governors of the party or pact that has not complied with this requirement.
In this line, it indicates that the Governing Council of the Electoral Service, within ten days of the expiry of the deadline for the declaration of candidatures, shall, by means of a resolution to be published in the Official journal, accept or reject those which have been declared.
On the other hand, the document clarifies that the political parties and the independent candidates may, within five days after the publication of the aforementioned resolution, claim it before the respective Regional Electoral Tribunal, which shall Pronounced within the fifth day.
Finally, it adds that the respective Regional Electoral Tribunal shall notify its resolutions to the Governing Council of the Electoral Service and to the sponsors of the claims, as soon as it is pronounced.

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