translated from Spanish: Dead To Me: The success of streaming will have second season

The tragicomedy with Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini surprised the critics and the public alike when she premiered her first season last month for the streaming platform. The story revolves around Jen, a sarcastic-character widow who tries to solve the case of her husband’s death with her own unconventional methods. In group therapy he meets Judy, a woman of free spirit who is quite the opposite of her. Under the direction of Liz Feldman, creator and showrunner of the series, these two women of completely opposite personalities form a most unlikely duo. With thirty minute episodes consumed in marathon sessions, his chemistry on screen works very well at the service of comedy, but also the drama that means to carry on a loss. In turn, the mysteries hidden behind Judy’s eccentric personality and Jen’s obsession with finding her husband’s murderer lead to an unexpected thriller.

Produced by
CBS, also has the executive production of
Christina Applegate and the same
Liz Feldman, who is also in charge of the scripts. His curriculum as a screenwriter includes the sitcom
Two Broke Girls and the program
Ellen DeGeneres, among other credits. Also officiate of producers the two heavyweights of the comedy
Will Ferrell and
Adam McKay, who worked together in
The Reporter: The legend of Ron Burgundy,
Ricky Bobby: Crazy about speed and
Spare cops.

The high levels of approval of the first season achieved
Netflix quickly announces the second, which still has no confirmed date.
The black comedy and the hybrid between genres are on the rise on the girl screen
, like the stories starring women, with well-written papers that allow you to explore more complex personalities and relationships.

It is exciting to see Cardellini and Applegate, two veterans of TV with such a solid career and have rarely earned roles worthy of their skills in recent years, confront each other and take advantage of a material that asks a lot.

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