translated from Spanish: Dredging of drains, before the Semarnat

Due to the hurricane season that officially began on May 15th and the unwelcome experience that left the Tropical Depression 19-E in the center and north of the state, yesterday, elements of the Mexican army gathered in the 89 infantry battalion with representatives The city councils of Ahome, Guasave and Sinaloa municipality, in addition to the Civil Protection committees, to act immediately in case of a contingency. It is to emphasize the coordination that is taking place, because although most of the meteorological phenomena, like hurricanes and cyclones, carries a trajectory and they are known from the exact moment of their formation, the Tropical Depression 19-E let see that, although It seems, nothing is written. This is because it was the first phenomenon to be formed in the waters of the Gulf of California, and the same day of its emergence hit the coasts of Sinaloa, leaving a trail of chaos by the damage and floods that caused. What is incredible is that, to twenty days of the beginning of the season of hurricanes, the town hall of Ahome hardly announces that it will begin the procedures for the cleaning of the Juarez drain and other hydraulic works before the secretariat of Environment and resources Natural (Semarnat). Were they unaware of the arrival of this season? It’s seven months of city government now. It is urgent to focus attention on the needs of the people and be farsighted to safeguard the lives of their represented

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