translated from Spanish: On Monday after the PASS there will be classes normally

The Directorate General of Schools (DGE) reported that in the schools of Mendoza there will be classes normally on Monday, June 10, that is, a day after the elections STEP. From the Portfolio Jaime Correas explained that the main objective is to ensure the effective fulfillment of the 180 days of classes. Since the year 2017, Mendoza does not miss days after an election process. At that time a cleanup operation was implemented on the same day that the elections were held so that the students could attend classes the following day. In the absence of this policy, some districts in the province could lose up to 7 days of school. In addition, the cleaning operation held on election Sunday from 18 are paid to the guards. In this way the workers charge for the day worked and for the tasks carried out 1,200 pesos. The PASSAGEs will take place on Sunday, June 9th and there will be 573 schools affected by the votes distributed in all departments. On Monday, June 10, the classes will be dictated with total normalcy in all the schools of the province, in their levels and modalities. In this note:
General Directorate of Schools
STEP 2019

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