translated from Spanish: Prosecution closed route to the dam plaster after tourist accident

On Monday, two Brazilian minors, aged 3 and 7, died on the way to the El Gypsum dam in San José de Maipo, after a rock collapse.
The event occurred shortly after noon, when the group of visitors crossed a barrier installed on the route that reaches the water reservoir.
According to the head of the prefecture Santiago Cordillera, Comandante Jorge Miranda, «There are several pre-Andean sectors that do not have the necessary security measures to do these activities» and that «many tourists access places that do not have the Minimum safeguards «.
Therefore, the accident is investigated by the prosecution, as the governor of the province of Cordillera, Mireya Chocair, said that access to the place was restricted to the passage. «For us, having a barrier down is synonymous with not passing. We understand that for tourists it was not synonymous with not passing it, so we will request that all additional measures be taken in relation to signage, «he said.
For their part, the police warned that tour operators who make tours to the area should be very clear about the dangers and do not perform actions that can have serious consequences.
Finally, the governor announced that by instruction of the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Route G-455-Road to the dam the plaster-will be closed for all traffic, while the proceedings last.

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